It was then that Ben and David realized that the concrete jungle was to be their home. For the majority of their professional careers Ben and David have been killing it in New York. They are FREQUENTLY seen at auditions and casting calls. In 2010 Ben and David put on a show in a basement of a fine restaurant called Smokey's Tacos in Newark, NJ, garnering the attention of Doug Boulevards, one of Newark's hottest independent restaurant owners (Smokey's Tacos).  Ben and David also began collaborating on a new project called Ben and David Presents: A Short History of the Future.  They have had production meetings every week since August 2011. Ben and David recently traveled to Los Angeles with the sole purpose of making it and winning Oscars.  Within the first week they were already cast in a film.  They are not sure what it’s about but it was directed by the legendary L. Henry Richard.  In general, Ben and David are extremely busy and have a lot of exciting things lined up.


From the streets of Davenport Iowa come two men who redefine what it means to be a sextuple-threat. Working their way up from lowly theater assistants on the Davenport Shakespeare Company’s production of Much Ado About Nut-sing (The Peanut and Nut Allergy Musical), Ben and David began to really make a name for themselves.  One night, during a performance of Romeo and Juliet, the actor playing Mercutio got sick and couldn’t go on.  Ben and David both jumped in and finished the role together in a performance one blogger called "...shockingly...performances...".

After these glowing reviews, Ben and David realized that their talents had become too powerful for the rest of the company and they were beginning to overshadow the other actors.  They decided to move on.  It was at this point that they proceeded to create their masterwork, Enterchangement, A show about "how much we need social change guys.”, and also, “lets sweeten the lesson using the thesbian's most powerful tool: entertainment.".  After a successful two week run at the Iowa Underground Fringe Festival, they were invited by an extremely important, anonymous producer to perform the show in New York City.

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