Acclaim for Ben and David's work in Davenport Shakespeare Company’s Romeo and Juliet :


Dan Douglass "Midwest Theater Blog"

"I happened to see a show in which the Mercutio had to leave mid performance and two young actors who were introduced only as Ben and David took over the role together.  It was..." "...astonishing..." "I didn't understand how it was that... ...unbelievable..."


Acclaim for Enterchangement:


The Davenport Herald on Enterchangement's power-

" I can't believe what I saw that night."


The Iowa Times on Enterchangement's progressive hard hitting social justice messages-

"They continually hammered home minority rights. They even argued for women's right to vote."


Frank Biota's Theater Chat Blog on the shocking power of Enterchangement's ability to disrupt an audience's point of view.

"I was shocked they kept going once everyone had left or was laughing."



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